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Alpine baths

It’s as if time has stood still when you delve into the Alpine baths. Rock oil, mountain pine, juniper and lavender are gifts of nature and a blessing for the body with their essential oils. Enjoy bathing in Alpine herbs – their healing powers have been recognised for centuries.

Tyrolean Rock Oil Bath

It took a million years to create this treatment: sulphur and elements derived from ancient sea creatures found in rock oil have an extraordinarily positive effect on your skin. Enjoy the unique effect of Tyrolean rock oil after physical exertion or to ease painful joints and muscles.

15 minutes
€ 32

Mountain Pine Bath

Strengthens the immune system and restores vitality.

15 minutes
€ 32

Juniper Bath

Decongests, warms, detoxifies and strengthens the connective tissues.

15 minutes
€ 32

Lavender Bath

Calms and harmonises, soothes muscles.

15 minutes
€ 32

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