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Signature Treatments

Treat yourself to some time out at the Interalpen Hotel Tyrol which has been awarded the Leading Spa Award 2012. The focus of this comprehensive sensory experience and meditative lotus treatment is on inner peace and deceleration. Submerse yourself in a world where time and space disappear.

Holistic Therapy for the Senses

This speciality of the house has been developed exclusively for our guests, with the unique sensation of two therapists treating you at the same time. You first relax in a fragrant lavender bath, then choose the ingredients for your body scrub: flowers, leaves, tree bark or roots. As your skin is purified in a body wrap, you are pampered with a soothing facial massage. The best is saved for last – a luxurious, four-hand body massage, during which the therapists use techniques from local and oriental wisdom to ensure deep relaxation.

135 Minutes
€ 385

Cure Detox

Bio-energetic massages with mineral and plant extracts, phyto-extract-wraps as well as baths
with Dead Sea salt enriched with energetic oils will help to remove accumulated toxins within
the skin tissue and make your body feel once again youthful, vigor and revitalized. Decide
which treatment is appropriate for your needs:
• Sensorial balance: Reduces stress and brings back the sensory system into balance.
• Detox active: Regenerates and activates by reducing the toxin deposits and free radicals.
• Detox drain: Stimulates the lymphatic system and helps eliminate toxins.

90 Minuten
€ 189


Fix a date with our well-being team to ensure that we are able to meet your preferred time.

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