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Breathwork & Meditation with Maria-Theresia Zettinig

Friday, 22.September 2023 - Sunday, 10.December 2023

Discover the unlimited world of your own breath and healing meditation.

Maria-Theresia Zettinig studied economics and business education and worked in the international health sector for over 10 years before founding her own company, Vision Ohana.

As a certified neuromental trainer, systemic coach & consultant and breathwork & meditation practitioner, she is convinced that our health should be viewed holistically.

Besides mindset work, which is a big focus of her work, she accompanies people in discovering and using their own breath, which is so often underestimated. Refined with meditations, a very high level of relaxation or energy can be achieved as desired.



  • 22 September - 24 September 2023
  • 07 December - 10 December 2023

Ohana means (world) family. With Vision Ohana, I want to create a movement that focuses on shared growth. My wish for my clients is to feel comfortable with me and to form communities in my workshops and courses. Communities in which everyone is allowed to be who they are, to communicate with each other, to perceive fears as opportunities, to break through their own patterns and to grow beyond themselves. Communities that bring more serenity, courage and joy of life into this world. Communities that make this world a better place.


Maria-Theresia's motto in life:

"The only freedom that every human being has in this world is the freedom to choose one's own inner attitude. And with that, one person can already change the world."


Course offer:

Find out how your breath can make you more relaxed and calm or activate you in important moments. Individual breathing techniques are combined with empowering meditations so that you feel empowered and relaxed at the same time. You can then integrate the breathing techniques into your everyday life to achieve lasting results.