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Meditation and mindfulness courses with Tamara Weiland

Friday, 16.December 2022 - Sunday, 18.December 2022

Integrate body, mind and soul at a meditation and mindfulness course!

Dates for the courses:

  • 16. December - 18. December 2022

Tamara is a meditation trainer, mindfulness coach and energiser. 
Her mission is to slow people down and guide them to a more mindful, balanced life. She helps people by introducing them to various holistic methods such as mindfulness, meditation, inner child work, sound therapy, and energy work through Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars and shamanic healing techniques. 
In doing so, she aims to help people realise their full potential and find meaning in their lives.

She began her international modelling career at the age of 13, living and working in several countries around the world until the pressures of the fashion industry affected her mental and physical wellbeing. This set her on an inner journey of self-discovery to find her true calling and fulfilment in life.
Through this journey she learned about practices of mindfulness, meditation and spirituality that changed her life immensely in a short period of time.

After several years of continuous practice and training of mindfulness, meditation and energy healing modalities led to the launch of her business: Tamwe Coaching. Since 2020 she has been teaching, supporting and guiding spiritual principles and healing practices through 1:1 coaching programmes, healing sessions (Reiki energy healing, Access Bars, Sound and Shamanic Healing), group workshops `Healing Circles' and her online courses.


Course offering:

Integrate body, mind and spirit through deep inner healing work.
This weekend you can learn and experience mindfulness techniques, powerful guided meditations, Reiki energy healing and sound baths.


In addition to Tamara's programme, you can book private one-to-one sessions with her. 
Reiki & Sound Therapy 80€ (60 minutes)
Access Bars Therapy 80€ (60 minutes)

You can find more about Tamara and her offer on her website.


Enjoy your next session!