Relaxation and Spa garden

Lie back and switch off in the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol’s many quiet corners.

Interalpen: luxurious spa hotel in Tyrol

Our relaxation room with its blazing fire, the relaxation pavilion with its beautiful outlook over the spa garden, and quiet niches in our 50 m indoor pool are all perfect hideaways.

Or may be spend a few hours on a lounger in our spa garden and let the healing powers of nature work their magic.

AlphaSphere – for intensive relaxation

If you would like to return to daily life after your holiday feeling inspired and energised, a session on an AlphaSphere lounger is an excellent option.

The AlphaSphere is a holistic space that benefits your body on medical, mental and spiritual levels. It can help to soothe muscle tension, heighten perception and creativity and relieve stress.

Our Spa Manager, Guy Burke, particularly recommends relaxation on an AlphaSphere lounger to enhance the effect of a spa treatment and to help you achieve a new level of deep relaxation.

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