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Men’s Spa

These soothing facial and cosmetic treatments are specially designed for demanding men's skin.

Wellness offers

Indulge in a facial treatment especially developed for men. Initially, your skin is cleansed manually. The final mask has a regenerating effect. The essence of a facial treatment for a pure, balanced complexion.

from € 87,-

45 minutes

Powerful, naturalistic, effective: skin diagnostics are followed by cleansing herbal steam compresses and peeling treatments. Subsequent deep-pore cleansing clears up the complexion. A special serum and intensive mask tangibly calm, renutriate and pamper the skin, followed by a facial massage and personally-tailored daily care to complete the treatment. Natural high-tech power for an impressive and cultivated appearance.

from € 93,-

50 minutes

A revitalising anti-ageing treatment just for him. After cleansing, the highly-effective facial and eye ampoules and a care treatment mask make the session an effective and visible experience. This comprehensive care is rounded off by a relaxing facial massage.

from € 153,-

80 minutes

JetPeel™ uses aerospace technology and is one of the most up to date treatment methods worldwide. A water-gas mixture is emitted from small nozzles and impacts the skin, thus gently removing dead horn cells. The skin is massaged, peeled and deep-cleansed. After this, highly-effective substances such as hyaluron, bio-peptides and vitamins are flushed into the now-highly absorbent skin. The result is immediately palpable and visible: smaller wrinkles are smoothed; the skin becomes radiant and looks substantially fresher and younger.

from € 189,-

35 minutes

Practical, convenient and fast. Soft and smooth skin not only looks good, but is also the optimum preparation for a massage or a peeling.

Ears, nose € 20

Underarms € 33

Chest € 50

Back € 50

from € 20,-

0 minutes

Pure skin over your entire body: the effective body peeling with a high-quality salt and oil gently removes excess callous material. Your skin feels wonderfully smooth and silky once more.

from € 72,-

35 minutes

For modern men, manicures and pedicures have long become an everyday occurrence. Indulge in a classic hand or foot treatment which makes your hands and feet palpably softer.

from € 83,-

50 minutes