We are the Interalpen!

All around the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol there’s a keen eye for detail at work. Every day, the Interalpen team strives to become even better. The heads of the 13 departments pass on their expertise and encourage their department teams in their development. Let’s get to know the heads of the departments at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol!


For external communication:
Celina Aloys – Head of Marketing & PR

Whether it's the guest magazine, coordination of printed media, press releases, homepage design, photo shoots, awards or the perfect appearance in the world of social media - every day is filled with exciting projects and new surprises for our marketing department manager Celina Aloys and her marketing team. After several years as a hard-working marketing employee at the Interalpen, she advanced to become the new marketing manager in spring 2023 and now steers the department's fortunes. With her expertise and relevant experience, she ensures that our guests as well as our future employees from all over the world hear about the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.

In her free time, the adventurous Tyrolean loves to be out in nature and enjoys the Tyrolean mountains while skiing, hiking or hitting the tennis court. She finds a balance to all these exciting hobbies by cooking and baking or spending qualitiy time together with family and friends. What distinguishes Celina Aloys the most? Her reliability, loyalty and willingness to help. With her relaxed nature and her forward-looking view of the big picture, she shows her colleagues every day that together we can do anything.


For the feeling of being welcomed:
Abraham Bachlechner, Head of Reception

A warm welcome is always the beginning of a pleasant stay. Abraham Bachlechner has been taking care of our guests since 2011 - at the beginning in the service department and later at the reception. He was deputy receptionist for five years until he took over as head of receptionist in May 2022. Together with his team, he is always available to our guests for all questions and requests with joy, friendliness and commitment. In his free time, he is interested in travel and adventure safaris, football, basketball, racing, but also art and culture. As a family man, his son Benjamin is his pride and joy. Of course, he loves to spend his days off with his family.


Pleasant and relaxed arrivals:
Mesut Bugurcu – Guest Services & Security Manager

Reliability in person. Mesut Bugurcu knows every aspect of the hotel inside-out, having been here since 1989. Always calm and in control, Mesut knows exactly how to pass on this vast wealth of knowledge and experience to his team. His staff members value the congenial team atmosphere and can rely on Mesut to be there whenever they encounter questions or difficulties. Mesut is the ‘man with a plan’, providing the right solution to every challenge, however tricky the task – be it ensuring everything runs smoothly in the garage, when infrastructure is being set up for events, or making sure every item of luggage is in the right place at the right time. So, it’s no surprise he’s popular with his own team, and among all the other departments at the hotel. As soon as guests see Mesut Bugurcu’s relaxed and friendly smile, they know they’re going to enjoy a great stay. When he’s not in the hotel, he loves spending time with his family, out on the tennis court, or enjoying a kick-about on the football pitch.


Making the toques tick!
Mario Döring – Head Chef

The team of 60 employees in the Interalpen kitchens is grateful for the guidance of such a great Head Chef. Mario Döring offers a harmonious blend of skills and qualities – as an award-winning chef, sportsman, father and team leader. Born in Saxony, Mario loves action, but even though catering for 600 guests can be extremely stressful, he remains calm and keeps the bigger picture in mind. Mario Döring is held in high regard, not least for his sense of humour, and for his ability to somehow make everything possible. And when this Head Chef cooks, it’s the very best. The strict critics from Gault&Millau awarded his Chef’s Table 4 toques, and, sensationally, Á la carte Restaurant also awarded him 2 toques. Mario Döring and his well-organised crew guarantee good humour and great teamwork – essential components of the working day in the Interalpen kitchens.


5* superior in every detail:
Lisa Gareis – Head of Housekeeping

Everyone in our housekeeping department pulls together. Even housekeeper Lisa Gareis regularly lends a hand herself. Lisa started her journey with us back in 2012 as an apprentice and completed her dual study programme here at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. During this time, she worked in various departments until she finally "got stuck" in housekeeping - and did so with passion! Today, she manages one of the largest departments in the hotel with over 60 employees. What Lisa particularly appreciates is the diversity in her area of work. The opportunity to work with people from different cultures is an enrichment for her and an integral part of her daily work. No two days are the same in housekeeping, and that is exactly what she loves about her job - the variety and the constant challenge. As head of department, Lisa Gareis is now responsible for cleanliness and compliance with hygiene standards throughout the hotel. With her experience and commitment, she coordinates her team and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves being outdoors, whether it's going for a walk, cycling or simply enjoying a cosy meal in good company.


For the Interalpen team:
Edith Ihrenberger – Head of Human Resources

The first person nearly every new member of staff has contact with at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol is the Head of Human Resources, Edith Ihrenberger. Edith was born in Tyrol, is a certified personnel development specialist and a keen dancer.

Edith Ihrenberger can read people very well and her many years of experience are priceless in the constant search for what we call our #interapencrew – our code for employees whose enthusiasm and dedication raise our game another notch, and earn us a theoretical sixth star. Everybody knows Edith, so it’s easy to approach her at any time with issues and problems. She’s familiar with the highs and lows of life in the hotel industry and tries to make sure all the right people are in all the right positions. A particularly important issue for Edith Ihrenberger is the on-the-job and on-going training of personnel in training sessions and workshops. Edith’s work/life balance is redressed by taking time out in the countryside, trekking, mountaineering, swimming and travelling. Her favourite foreign destination is South America.

For the right wine to go with the dish:
Theresa Lichtmannegger, Restaurant Manager & Chef Sommelière

Theresa Lichtmannegger is head sommelière & restaurant manager and spoils our guests with the perfectly matching wines to the dishes. Her mission in her job is above all to inspire young employees for gastronomy and to pass on the fun of service to them. Theresa therefore particularly enjoys working with apprentices in order to impart to them the specialist knowledge and values with which work in 5-star superior service is carried out. Theresa Lichtmannegger is incredibly proud to see how they grow in their tasks and become better and better at practising their craft independently.
But she also wants to give the guests a unique stay through sensitivity, professionalism and sympathy. Every guest should feel completely comfortable and well looked after with us.

In her free time, Theresa likes to be active skiing in winter or enjoying the sun together with friends and family in summer. The social gatherings offer a great change from the hustle and bustle of the Interalpen's daily work routine.

Always a warm welcome:
Lisa Minatti – Deputy Hotel Director & Guest Relations Manager

Lisa Minatti was already known to many as the friendly head of reception. She started her career at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in 2014, in between gaining experience in congress management before she came back to manage the front office of the Interalpen. Since May 2022, the charming Tyrolean has been looking after the well-being of our guests even more intensively as deputy director and guest relation manager and is always there to answer any questions and requests with a smile..

With her lively four-legged friend Luis, the sportswoman likes to spend her free time exploring the Tyrolean mountains by foot or by bike and enjoying the beautiful nature around Innsbruck.

Service perfection:
Gernot Percht – Service Operations Manager

Gernot Percht is remarkable! Always charming, always even-tempered, although it’s never easy to serve, and accommodate the preferences and requests of, every one of the 600 guests in the hotel’s various restaurants and bars. However, his partner, Theresa Lichtmannegger, is not only his ‘better half’, but also a magnificent restaurant manageress and the hotel’s Chef Sommelière. Together they’re an unbeatable team!


They both first came here in 2013. Although they have worked the odd season in other hotels, they’ve always stayed with the Interalpen. Gernot considers such experiences enriching, as are the leisure-time rides out in his in his Wolseley-Hornet-Special for the classic car enthusiast. His calm and structured nature rubs off positively on his team, offering the guidance and motivation to provide perfect service, day after day. The Styrian’s trademark mischievous smile enchants guests and team members alike.

The perfect package for every guest:
Nina Pinggera-Buchhammer – Head of Reservations

Nina Pinggera-Buchhammer has been with us for over 15 years. This Tyrolean is responsible for catering to every type of room requirement and service preference a guest could request. As Head of Reservations, Nina knows everything about every category of room. She and her team provide perfectly tailored packages to suit every preference and requirement. Regular guests are happy to rely on her expertise for good advice and are usually only familiar with her voice. Colleagues and other members of staff greatly appreciate her likeable manner and her excellent recommendations. In her leisure time, Nina Pinggera-Buchhammer enjoys visiting Innsbruck or exploring other fascinating city destinations.


The economic mainstay:
Anke Reck – Head of Finance and Accounting

For Anke Reck, the function as Head of Finance is a profession.  After 30 years, it is still the numbers whose clarity she describes as her passion. Together with her team, she ensures that the right information is always available to make economic decisions and produce meaningful forecasts. To balance her responsible job she is a member of two clubs in her spare time. In the Noriker breeding club and the "Trachten" and chor club she draws new strength for the daily challenges. Her life on the farm is also completely "opposite" to her professional activities. There she can particularly enjoy Tyrol in the rhythm of the seasons.   

"For me, the work of my department is like that of a crew on the high seas, where one can and must rely on the work of the other. Because sometimes the conditions are rough and it takes a lot of trust."  



Keeping everything running smoothly:
Stefan Schmogro – Technical & Facility Manager

Stefan Schmogro is responsible for all things technical in and around the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. Stefan has an overview of the entire hotel, plans his projects in great detail and is always ready for tough challenges. His team of 10 technicians maintains the technical infrastructure across a total of 60,000 m², all floors included, guaranteeing operational functionality for the entire hotel and staff residential buildings. It’s a task Stefan Schmogro fulfils very carefully, conscientiously and calmly. On breaks and vacations, he enjoys travelling the world to discover new people and places.


For perfect festivities and events:
Cornelia Winkler– Head of Meetings & Events

Cornelia Winkler has been organising high-quality and unique events at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol since 2016. Since November 2021, she is now also responsible for the management of the department and the well-being of her colleagues.

Originally from Pinzgau, she has extensive professional experience, relevant study skills and corresponding character traits that always benefit her in planning, organisation and implementation - because with a love of communication, flexibility and an open ear for customers and employees, she always finds customised solutions for every situation.  

Cornelia loves to be outdoors to recharge her batteries for future events. Ski tours or hikes are the best way for her to relax and recharge her creative batteries. 


For the well-being and conscious experience:
Jasmin Zwerger – Spa Manager

In autumn 2021, Jasmin Zwerger became manager of the spacious Interalpen Spa. The native Hessian (Germany) can draw on a lot of professional experience and knowledge from diverse training and further education. As a graduate beautician, massage therapist and with her degree in health management, she is very familiar with the extensive tasks of her 30-member team. Thus, guests from all over the world can enjoy perfect care in every detail in the wellness area, the sports and fitness area, the sauna village, the swimming pool, but also in the Tipsi Club and the Youth Lounge.

Jasmin Zwerger's personal preferences include meditation and awareness of mindfulness. These preferences are also reflected in the focus of the Interalpen activity programme. What else is important to the friendly spa manager? Humour! Because with a laugh on the lips, every (working) day becomes something very special for her.  

The entire commercial picture:
Martin Rotter – Commercial Manager

Good financial results and clever investments lie at the heart of every success, and such successes are driven by people with a talent for attracting business. No-one has a better understanding of these factors, or can balance them better, than Martin Rotter, the Commercial Manager at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.

Born in Imst, he took over the management of finances and invoicing in 2013, and in 2016 was made a member of the management team when appointed Commercial Manager. Prior to this position he gathered valuable experience during 13 years with Hilton in Vienna, Bonn, Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Martin is also a father, so cultivation of the employees and apprentices at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol is an issue close to his heart. He is active in ensuring employee satisfaction is improved on an ongoing basis and that there is continual development in the fields of career support, training and recruitment.

Martin Rotter was a keen amateur rugby player, and as a fan he enjoys watching his favourite local team, RC Innsbruck.

Where everything comes together:
Karl Brüggemann – Hotel Director

Karl Brüggemann is the hotel director, and his office links all activities at the hotel, be it the operative organisation of the individual departments, long-term investment planning, strategic marketing considerations, speedy everyday hotel procedural decision-making, or on-the-spot crisis management. Operative responsibility for an establishment that is this large, both in size and in stature, and with all the challenges this entails, demands a sharp mind and well-honed skills. The challenges to be met range from satisfaction of the very highest expectations – to meeting ‘normal’ everyday human needs.

Born in the Palatinate region of Germany, Mr. Brüggemann has been the ‘Hotel Director’ at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol since 2012. As a father he has learned how to balance family life with a lengthy career in the hotel and restaurant industry; one that has allowed him to work on several continents and in several cities around the world. Working closely with the whole Interalpen team, this expertise and his many years of experience enable him to consolidate and enhance service quality and the feel-good atmosphere at Interalpen every day.

When asked to describe his role, he adapts a favourite quote made by the manager of a Champions’ League team: “It’s a pleasure to be a guest, it’s a duty to be a host!”

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