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For a good body sensation

Pure wellbeing: at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, you can balance your body and soul during relaxing treatments.

Wellness offers

Treat yourself to an all-round pampering programme. A whole-body peeling and subsequent relaxation treatment with intensive phyto care provides your skin with an immediate sense of well-being. In particular, dry skin areas are sustainably supplied with nourishing substances. With this treatment, your skin gains a feeling of suppleness and delicacy. You will feel reborn, and the head and facial massage will round off the treatment perfectly.

from € 239,-

90 minutes

Silky-smooth skin from head to foot – with the cleansing and invigorating whole body peeling comprising of rosemary and lavender extract. Valuable phyto-extracts create a refined skin texture and a wonderful complexion. The peeling optimally prepares the skin for sun-bathing or a care treatment, as the active ingredients can then be better absorbed and are able to develop their full effect. A relaxed shower session rounds off the treatment. The energising body peeling can also be booked in combination with a relaxing massage.

from € 119,-

45 minutes

A vitalising treatment for body and soul: our three different detox treatments detoxify and revitalise the cells. Bioenergetic massages with mineral and plant extracts and baths with salt from the Dead Sea in combination with energising oils help to remove accumulated toxins from the skin tissue. Decide between the following:

* Sensorial balance: Deep relaxation, unwinding, stress-reducing

* Detox active: Metabolism activation, soothing, complexion-refining

* Detox drain: Detoxifying, tensioning, lymph-activating

from € 239,-

90 minutes

Body shaping with power wraps: the wrap is a thermally active, efficient treatment method. Choose between the vitalising variant (cold) and the metabolism-burner (hot).

* Lipodraine Yin Wrap: This intensive cooling wrap strengthens, tensions and decongests. Perfect in case of oedemas, swellings, limp tissue and heavy legs.

* Lipodraine Yang Wrap: This intensive warming wrap acts against cellulite and stimulates the lipometabolism. Perfect in case of toughened, solid tissue.

from € 89,-

35 minutes

Achieve visibly smoother and tighter connective tissue! A combination of a suction wave massage and ultrasound stimulates skin metabolism and local lymphatic flow, thereby boosting the circulation of blood and triggering intensive cleansing of the surrounding tissue. The benefits for the complexion are long-lasting. Select two zones, like the front and rear surfaces of your legs, or the backs of your legs and the buttocks, and both can be treated in a single session.

from € 159,-

65 minutes