Bar team at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Service excellence

We are well staffed with a 50-member service team. They are essential for providing Tyrolean hospitality, a warm welcome and the best possible service. A wide range of jobs and tasks guarantees plenty of variety at work, be it an evening in the ‘Hofburg’, serving exquisite drinks at the Chef´s Table or working a traditional alpine hut evening at the ‘Interalpen-mountain hut’. The service team’s challenges are as numerous as the locations within the hotel. Skilled baristas are required in Café Wien, cocktails need mixing at the ‘Kaminbar’, wine is served in the various facilities, and advice on the best cigars is provided in the ‘Smokers’ Lounge’. Passionate experts who care about their professions are employed to delight guests in every part of the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.

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Gernot Percht, Service Operations Manager

“Every day is different. Every day we meet new challenges with a great team, ensuring the experience of cuisine at the hotel remains at the very highest standards.

​​​​​​​Theresa Lichtmannegger, Restaurant Manager & Chef Sommelière

“A great culinary experience combines professional and friendly service and outstanding cuisine. It’s a pleasure rounded off perfectly with the right drinks, and that’s exactly what we take care of – with a keen nose and consummate professional expertise at the Interalpen-Restaurant.”


Impressions from the service team

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