The EDV team at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol

Keeping everything running smoothly: Technical infrastructure & IT

A rock in every storm! Every day, our technicians and caretakers guarantee everything runs smoothly within the hotel, and that the lights never go out anywhere! Whether a TV blacks out, help is required managing large-scale technical installations at an event, or snow and ice have to be cleared from the paths and roads around the hotel – a wide range of challenges requires a wide range of skills.


The IT team solves technical problems for every department at the hotel and makes sure every system and every PC is hooked up to the internet.


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Stefan Schmogro, Technical & Facility Manager

“The facility management department works in the background to ensure the hotel’s technical infrastructure is in good working order. That’s something guests and staff take for granted. This department’s task portfolio includes repair and maintenance around the large building complex, care of the vast grounds, and the provision of on-site technical support for every department.

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