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Finances, bookkeeping and purchasing

There are no dusty files in our offices at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol. The challenging tasks of running the hotel include a keen eye for the figures, ensuring procedures are structured well and matters are professionally organised in the background. This all requires a talent for planning. Good analytical skills and precision are essential in bookkeeping and purchasing.

Anke Reck, Head of Finances & Invoice Management

For me, the work of my department is like that of a crew on the high seas, where one can and must rely on the work of the other. Because sometimes the conditions are rough and you need a lot of trust..

Human Resources

The Human Resources department at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol listens carefully to what employees have to say. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh talents and experienced specialists, placing great emphasis on the tasks of recruitment and personnel development, and of course on payroll management. Moreover, we organise enjoyable staff events and ensure no birthday or anniversary is ever forgotten.

Edith Ihrenberger, Head of Human Resources

The variety at Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol, and the amazing wealth of expertise the teams collectively offer in a total of 13 departments, make it a very special place to work. Our standards are high and we aim to ensure our guests enjoy an exquisite level of sophistication and genuinely friendly service. Our task is to make sure the highest standards of expertise are maintained in absolutely every department. We achieve this by providing on-going training and education for management and our workforce; and whenever interest in occupational improvement is expressed, we are happy to oblige. As a distinguished Tyrolean hotel operation offering apprenticeships, the wellbeing of our trainees is of great importance to us.

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